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Local Movers in Ottawa


Are you moving to a new apartment or home within Ottawa? Are you worried about heavy luggage and the limited time you have to settle in at your new place? All your problems have one solution: hire local movers in Ottawa. Moving to another place is never easy, no matter how close it is. Especially in this busy world, it is difficult to move within a day and mentally settle in; such changes require time and peace of mind. Relocating yourself can rob you off of both these things. Our reliable services at Dependable Moving will take care of everything; all you have to do is get to your new home and make yourself comfortable there.

Hassle Free and Effective Solution


Dependable Moving provide services that will help you load all your baggage and luggage safely and prepare it for transportation. We ensure reliability and safety; all your belonging will reach the destination on time without any problems. We can help you unload the luggage and put it where you want so there is no heavy lifting for you to do. Our packages include all costs; you don’t have to worry about the fuel cost, the manpower or renting a moving truck. You will be able to focus on your new place and make it comfortable for yourself.

Dependable Moving is one of the most cost effective movers in Ottawa. Our packages are affordable and free of any hidden charges. We have been moving homes for generations; we have all the gear you need to move which allows us to offer cost-effective packages to our customers. We understand that everyone has their own limitations; some have limited time while other might have a limited budget. We personalize each move according to the need of our customer. Our services are reliable, affordable and hassle free, relocate to your new home in a breeze.

We're Ready to Collect Your Package

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