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Long Distance Movers in Ottawa


Are you moving to Ottawa, Ontario from another city or another state? Your worries regarding the long distance to cover ahead is genuine. Long distances can really make moving a tedious and difficult task. Transporting luggage becomes a challenge and quite costly to cover on your own. To make your experience easier, you should look for movers in Ottawa, Ontario. Long distance movers in Ottawa like Dependable Moving can take care of everything; from loading the luggage to transportation and making sure that your belongings are safe and reaching the destination on time.

Searching for long distance movers in Ottawa? You have come to the right place! If you are planning to move to a new city and feeling overwhelmed by the entire process of shifting, then this is what you should read!

Planning on moving to a new city? Just thinking about moving to a new place can cause anxiety and stress in some. However, moving should be an exciting part of your life. This is why Dependable Movers provides you with services to make this phase in your life a breeze. You can avail our services and have all your household items and possessions packed and ready to go.

Avoid the hassle of packing your household items and call us for more information regarding our services today!

Whether you are a resident of Ottawa or are planning to move to Ottawa, we provide packing, loading, moving and unloading services for all! Read on for more information regarding our services.

Dependable Moving


Dependable Moving has over 26 years of experience working in the transportation industry. We provide packing services for a variety of clients including homeowners!


We provide the following services:


Are you stressed out about packing your possessions all on your own? Have no worries, because Dependable Movers provide customers with packing services by our professionals. Just sit back and relax! Let our team of experts pack your household in no time at all! Guide our staff the way you want your household items to be packed, and they will do it just as you ask them to.

Nevertheless, our staff is experienced in providing customers and clients with their services. When it comes to packing household items, they do it in an organized manner, room by room. This avoids a hassle that you may experience when it comes to unpacking items.

We provide our own packaging material such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and foam sheets. You don’t have to worry about scavenging these items on your own!

Dependable Moving also provides packing services for products other than household items. Companies that sell a product can avail our services in this regard. Contact us for more information regarding this


Moving can be challenging, especially if you are moving from one city to another with a family. Good news for you! Dependable Moving also provides moving services.

When you hire us for transporting your goods, we provide you with the vehicle for transportation. Included in this are loading and unloading facilities. When loading your household items, we ensure that everything is organized and tightly-packed to avoid breakages that may result from leaving too much space between the container boxes.

Loading may require the use of a forklift, which we provide to our valued customers! We also provide unloading facilities so that your move is hassle-free.

We provide moving services for the residents of Ottawa and help them in their move to another city.

Why Should You Hire Dependable Moving?


If you are dreading moving to a new place just because of the work and effort it entails, then you should definitely hire a moving company like Dependable Moving. So, kiss all your worries away and have us do the job for you!

With our years of experience in the moving and transportation industry, we can safely say that we have dealt with all sorts of customer requirements. This makes us more experienced than the rest!

In addition to this, with our services you get the following benefits:

  • Professional packing services ensuring your belongings are safely packed.
  • Using appropriate packing material to ensure items are safely packed.
  • Quick and efficient packing staff that get the job done in hours instead of days.
  • Transportation services for your household belongings avoiding breakage.
  • Transport vehicle and container according to the volume of your items.

Affordable Packages Offered to You!


At Dependable Movers, we understand that moving to a new place is heavy on the pocket. This is why our services are affordable for people who are moving to a new home. We provide market competitive prices.

You can get a free quotation on the cost of our services from our website. In case you want to get an idea on the cost of our services, you can check this out!

We are open 24/7, 7 days a week! You can hire our services anytime you want!

Our experts can guide you on further information. Contact our experts and have all your queries answered. Our contact details are available on the homepage.

We're Ready to Collect Your Package

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